7 Great Game of Thrones Gift Ideas

Everyone knows a Game of Thrones fan. The person who’s read all the novels (and corrects you when you call the book series Game of Thrones instead of A Song of Ice & Fire) and watched all the HBO shows — multiple times. This Game of Thrones Gift Guide is for them — and for you. Because the King must rule 7 Kingdoms and many worship the Faith of the 7 in Game of Thrones, I’ve come up with my Top 7 suggestions for the best Game of Thrones Gifts to buy for the ultimate fan … and the casual observer too.

Gift Idea #1: Game of Thrones Risk Board Game

Game of Thrones Risk is that perfect combination of the gift for the person who loves board games and loves Game of Thrones. And if they are anything like me, they grew up playing Risk and it brings back so many found memories. And this is more than just Risk, it’s actually 3 games in 1. I have this game listed number one on this list for a reason. Read my product review or purchase here.

Gift Idea #2: Leather-Cloth Box Book Set

These leather-cloth bound books are as elegant as they are beautiful and make the perfect gift for the ultimate Game of Thrones fan who has read through his or her copies of A Song of Ice & Fire multiple times.  Read my product review or purchase here.

Gift Idea #3: Game of Thrones Grill Apron

This limited edition apron is a must have for all Game of Thrones fans who also love to cook or grill. The apron is fun and let’s face it, pretty darn stylish too. One size fits all and it comes in black — better to hide the kitchen mishaps. (and for you none GOT fans, this is a play on words for “Winter is Coming” which is from the show / novels.)  Read my product review or purchase here.

Gift Idea #4: Game of Thrones Wall Art

Artwork enhances any room, and if that room is dedicated to someone’s fandom of their favorite fantasy world, then all the better. This artwork from Scott W. Smith is made up entirely of words … and it’s really cool. Read my product review or purchase here.

Gift Idea #5: Set of 6 Wax Seal House Sigil Coasters

Although this is number five on my list, I must admit, this is my second favorite Game of Thrones gift product on this page (next to Risk). I just think these look so cool on the coffee table, especially during a marathon Risk or Clue game. Or when your friends are gathered around to watch Game of Thrones on HBO. Read my product review or purchase here.

Gift Idea #6: Game of Thrones Hand Sculpted Dragon Eggs

These are made by hand. In other words, no molds are used. And they are gorgeous. I have the large ones reviewed here, but they come in multiple sizes at multiple price points. If you click the link below to purchase, you can see the other sizes (in case you want something even larger). The eggs are created by artist Tammy Pryce. Read my product review or purchase here.

Game of Thrones House Stigil Beer Steins

Gift Idea #7: House Sigil Beer Stein

I have the House Lannister beer stein pictured and linked below, but these also come in House Stark, House Baratheon, and House Targaryen. These ceramic beer steins are highly detailed and just plain gorgeous. The lid is made of pewter and represents the royal crown of the House Baratheon. This is a great addition to any collection. Winter is Coming … so is this review or purchase here.

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