Game of Thrones Gifts For Her

First of all, if your wife loves Game of Thrones, don’t let her go. You were blessed by the Old Gods and the New.  Secondly, if you’re wondering what are the best Game of Thrones Gifts for her, then you’ve come to the right website. We break down the perfect gifts for the Game of Thrones fan in your life, and on this page, we give special attention to your own Mother of Dragons and Queen of Thorns.

For the Game of Thrones Wine Lover

Stemless Wine Glasses – Mother of Dragons

She doesn’t have to guzzle wine to the same extreme as Tyrion Lannister to enjoy these stemless wine glasses.  These dishwasher safe wine glasses hold 15 ounces of wine (or her favorite drink) and are permanently engraved in the USA. Sorry, the dragon eggs pictured do not come with the glass.  Read More Product Info Here.

Wine Glass with Stem – Mother of Dragons

Maybe she prefers her wine glass with stem, and not the stemless ones as seen above. Well, then she’s in luck. Here’s a “Mother of Dragons” wine glass with stem.  Dishwasher safe.  Read More Product Info Here.

Game of Thrones House Sigil Wine Stopper Set of 6

Open one bottle, with this house sigil set from Game of Thrones you can she can open 6 bottles of wine, whether it’s from the Arbor or Dorne — or California or France.  Created in the exact detail and likeness of the noble houses of Frey, Karstark, Lannister, Stark, Greyjoy and Tyrell.  Each wine stopper measures about 4 inches. If she’s a fan of the show or books and enjoys her wine, this is a must gift.  Read More Product Info Here.

Moon of My Life, My Sun and Stars Stemless Wine Glasses

If you’re her Khal Drogo and she’s your Daenerys, then these stemless Game of Thrones wine glasses are for you.  These glasses are etched and will never fade or come off. Dishwasher safe. If you prefer stainless steel, see below. Read More Product Info Here.

Dragon Egg Wine Stopper 3-Pack

What a terrific and beautiful wine accessory for any fan of of the HBO series.  The eggs on the wine stoppers resemble the very ones she received as wedding gifts on the show, scaled down to securely close wine bottles. The eggs are made from resin, while the stoppers are stainless steel with a silicon cushion.  The set of wine stopper eggs come packaged in a muslin pouch.  Read More Product Info Here.

Seven Kingdoms Goblet

Why show fealty to one house, when you can celebrate the seven kingdoms of Westeros with this high detailed Game of Thrones goblet. Hand painted with an earthly bronzed color theme, This goblet is 100% officially licensed merchandise.  Read More Product Info Here.

Mother of Dragons Wine Glass with Sigil

This tumbler (not glass) is great for someone who wants the beauty and personality off Game of Thrones, but is in a situation or place where glass is not feasible. It’s made in America and dishwasher safe (microwave safe too, but can’t figure out why you’d want to microwave it). Read More Product Info Here.

For the Game of Thrones Coffee Guzzler

Mother of Dragons Coffee Mug

Let her start the day with a little humor and remind everyone that’s she’s the mother of dragons. The mug, fitting for coffee or tea, is 11 ounces and made of premium ceramic.  Its is microwave and dishwasher safe, and will not crack even if your khaleesi likes her coffee extra hot.  It is printed on both sides and individually boxed. Makes a great gift.  Read More Product Info Here.

House Sigil Ceramic Mug

Does she keep going back and forth on which house she supports. Some days, she’s for House Stark, other days she’s a Yara fan and roots for House Greyjoy, but then sometimes she’s on the side of Daenerys and supports House Targaryen, or Tyrion and House Lannister. Then this is the mug for her. This mug is 20 ounces and made of ceramic. Also includes Tyrell and Bolton.  Read More Product Info Here.

For the Game of Thrones Decorator

Game of Thrones Wall Art

Artwork enhances any room, and if that room is dedicated to someone’s fandom of their favorite fantasy world, then all the better. This artwork from Scott W. Smith is made up entirely of words … and it’s really cool. Read my product review or purchase here.

Game of Thrones Coasters Gift Set

Set of 6 Wax Seal House Sigil Coasters

Although this is number five on my list, I must admit, this is my second favorite Game of Thrones gift product on this page (next to Risk). I just think these look so cool on the coffee table, especially during a marathon Risk or Clue game. Or when your friends are gathered around to watch Game of Thrones on HBO. Read my product review or purchase here.

Game of Thrones Hand Sculpted Dragon Eggs

These are made by hand. In other words, no molds are used. And they are gorgeous. I have the large ones reviewed here, but they come in multiple sizes at multiple price points. If you click the link below to purchase, you can see the other sizes (in case you want something even larger). The eggs are created by artist Tammy Pryce. Read my product review or purchase here.

For the Game of Thrones Cook

Game of Thrones Grill Apron

This limited edition apron is a must have for all Game of Thrones fans who also love to cook or grill. The apron is fun and let’s face it, pretty darn stylish too. One size fits all and it comes in black — better to hide the kitchen mishaps. (and for you non GOT fans, this is a play on words for “Winter is Coming” which is from the show / novels.)  Read my product review or purchase here.

The Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook

Who doesn’t want to learn how to make Direwolf Strew or Pentoshi Mushrooms?  This fun and imaginative cookbook features a whole slew of recipes inspired by George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.  Each recipe is based on activities from the books.  What a great way to bring the Seven Kingdoms or the Free Cities of Essos to your kitchen.  If she’s a fan of  the show or books and loves to cook, then she will love this cookbook.  The recipes in this cookbook is a terrific way to bring your culinary imagination to life. More Product Info.

A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook

So above we showed you the unofficial cook, here’s the official one that will show you what’s it like to attend a feast at Winterfell. With easy to follow recipes, A Feast of Ice and Fire replicates a whole assortment of cuisines found throughout the Seven Kingdoms and beyond. Whether you are looking for delicious delicacies enjoyed in King’s Landing, or the toasty comfort foods found in the frozen North, to the exotic fare of Essos, there’s something yummy for every palate. And it’s fun to make for the chef.  More Product Info.

For the Game of Thrones Fashionista

Hyp Game of Thrones Quotes Funny Socks

Officually licenses socks, fits shoe sizes 4-10 (junior’s/women’s sizing). 5 pair with the following quotes: “Mother of Dragons. A Girl Has No Name. I Drink and I Know Things. All Men Must Die. Winter is Coming.” Which are the perfect sentiments. More Product Info.

Hot Racerback Game Of Thrones Tank Top “Mother Of Dragons”

There seems to be a lot of “Mother of Dragons” themed apparel for her. But hey, if the motto works, then flaunt it, right? These fun tank tops are inspired by Daenarys, but are appropriate for any queen or khaleesi. These are listed as for juniors, so please pay attention to sizing and recommendations for non-junior sizes when ordering. More Product Info.

More Color Choices…

For the Game of Thrones Fan

Leather-Cloth Box Book Set

These leather-cloth bound books are as elegant as they are beautiful and make the perfect gift for the ultimate Game of Thrones fan who has read through his or her copies of A Song of Ice & Fire multiple times.  Read my product review or purchase here.

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