Throw the Perfect Game of Thrones Party

Just because the HBO series Game of Thrones has finished, doesn’t mean you can’t host Game of Thrones themed parties. To get the party started, we have some terrific party ideas just for you.

Liquor is Coming – Bottle Opener and Key Chain

A play on the “Winter is Coming” Stark House words, this bottle opener is the perfect way to make sure your guests have an easy way to open their bottles of ale  (or whatever libations you are serving). The bottle opener is made from professional grade stainless steel.

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Flying” 36 Inch Dragon Balloon

In a season where the dragons will soar, why not get a dragon that actually soars? The hovering, anti-gravity toy is a free floating dragon party favor that is the perfect compliment to any Game of Thrones themed party. More Info or Purchase.

House Sigil Coaster Set

Throwing a Game of Thrones party, doesn’t mean your guests need to act like the Hill Tribes.  Save your furniture as surely as Jon Snow will save the Seven Kingdoms with these multicolored House Sigil Coaster Set. The Game of Thrones House Sigil Coaster Set consists of 4 cork coasters, with one each representing the Targaryan, Stark, Baratheon and Lannister Houses. (for another coaster idea, see this review of the wax coasters)… More Info or Purchase.

Soodhalter Regal Swords Toothpicks

Game of Thrones is known for its famous swords such as Oathkeeper, Ice and Longclaw. So it’s only fitting that your GOT’s party has these fun replica swords for you appetizers and drinks.  They are 3″ in length, with a small handle that makes it easy to grab, with a pointy end that is perfect for stabbing the food (get it, stab it with the pointy end).  Each pack contains 100 plastic swords. More Info or Purchase.

Lifesize Tyrion with Crossbow Standup Cardboard Cutout

This cardboard GOT cutout stands 4’8″ and can be used as a poster or can stand. Whether you stick it in your main room as a  focal point, or put in the privy pointed at the porcelain throne, it is sure to be a conversation started at any Game of Thrones party. More Info or Purchase.

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