C ook the way they do in the North. Well, cook the way they do here with a pun from the North. This “Dinner is Coming” grill apron is a must have for the Game of Thrones fan that loves to grill outdoors or cook indoors. If you’re just looking for a gift for the Game of Thrones fan, and are not actually a fan yourself, then here’s the explanation of why this novelty apron is so fun. The “Dinner is Coming” slogan on the front of the apron is a play on words for the infamous saying from the show “Winter is Coming,” which are the words from House Stark, the noble and honorable house from the North (see below for HBO’s “Winter is Coming” tease from when the show launched).  This is perfect gift for birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Mother’s day, Father’s day or any other holiday (yes, I’m talking about you Valentine’s day).  And it makes a great gift for both men and women.

Game of Thrones Novelty Apron Gift

Functional and Fun

Whether your favorite Game of Thrones cook is the size of Daenarys or Drago, this “Dinner is Coming” apron is the perfect fit. Manufacted as one size fits all (fits most adults), the novelty apron (fun, but fully functional) is a premium quality 100% cotton that is made to last.  The aprons are 30″ (W) x 34″ (L) and weighs 7.95 oz.

And let us not forget the fashion statement this apron makes. It says “I’m fun and I can cook.” And like the title of this section says, it is fully functional. It has three pockets on front that I find to be perfect to keep the extras that every cook has – utensils, bottled sauces, packets of seasoning, and spices. Okay, it’s a perfect place for the cook to keep his or her cell phone.

The apron is also comfortable with a fully adjustable neck strap, that is easy to adjust. And machine washable, or they can do what I do and leave it on the hook and hope it doesn’t crawl away on its own. But if it is washed in like colors and tumble dried on low, it will resist shrinking. You can find it here.

Dinner is Coming GOT Apron
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Dinner is Coming GOT Apron

Just for Fun.

“Winter is Coming” tease from HBO when the series launched in 2011.


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