Great Gift Idea #4: Game of Thrones Wall Art – Review

Sure, it’s great to have Game of Thrones stuff on the shelves, but what about on the walls? Don’t forget the walls. These prints, by artist Scott W. Smith, will surely liven up any living space. I’ve got photos below, but look closely. Notice anything? These aren’t simply drawings, they are made up of words. Each print, whether it’s from House Stark, or House Lannister, or House Targaryen, are created using the house members names, home, quotes and motto. And the art itself is breathtaking.

Not Just For Nerds

The problem with so much themed artwork, is it’s themed. Right? It looks like it belongs in a comic book store, not inside someone’s home. These prints from Scott W. Smith are different. They actually have a classy look and feel, and are not just thinly disguised marketing pieces with the HBO or publisher logos plastered all over them. Even people who are not familiar with Game of Thrones, and therefore the heraldry found in the show and novels, can appreciate their beauty. Not just for nerds (but okay for nerds too).



Game of Thrones Art Details

  • Digitally produced image
  • Set of 3 – Houses Stark, Lannister and Targaryen
  • 11″ (H) x 17″ (W)
  • Unframed

Available from Amazon

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How Scott W. Smith Creates His Art – In His Own Words

“I begin by choosing a subject and collecting a lot of great, memorable quotes. Then I create a sketch that is iconic of that property. Next, I slowly fill in the shape, letter by letter, with quotes until I have a completed layout. This step takes about 20 hours! When I’m completed, the image is colored. Each print is printed right here in my home studio by me.”

Available from Amazon

Just for Fun

Here’s a video from YouTube (not mine) with the different sigils and house words.


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