Great Gift Idea #6: Hand Sculpted Dragon Eggs – Review

Wow. That’s the best way to describe the detail found in these handcrafted Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs. These eggs looks so authentic that Daenerys might not even be able to tell they’re not real. They come in multiple sizes (I have the small set listed here), but if you search on Amazon you can find the perfect size to give to your Game of Thrones collector (you can even buy them for yourself).


Hand Sculpted Painted Dragon Eggs Game of Thrones
Individual Game of Thrones Dragon Egg

Artist Tammy Pryce hand sculpts the dragon eggs from polymer clay and paints them with acrylic paints. The eggs are distressed to give them an appearance of being very old. Without a doubt they are stunning to look at. They will look terrific on any collector’s Game of Thrones shelf of collectibles. Since these are not created from molds, they are all truly unique with no two ever completely alike.

Each eggs weights about one and a half pounds and comes nestled in a chest that is 11″ (L) x 7″ (W) x 6.5″ (T). 

Purchase from Amazon.

And be sure to check out Tammy Pryce’s other art products on Amazon, including  this larger, life-sized dragon egg set.

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