Gift Idea #7: Game of Thrones Beer Steins – Review

The first beer stein I ever received was from my grandfather after he passed away. It was made in Germany in the 1940’s, and I have appreciated it’s beauty and craftsmanship for many years. I inherited a second one that was my grandfather’s after my grandmother passed away. A third beer stein was given to me has a gift for being the best man at a wedding. My friend had purchased it in Germany when he was working there. Beer steins are cool. They look fantastic on the shelf and are perfect conversation starters. And while the Game of Thrones beer steins don’t hold the same sentimental value for me, I still find them a terrific addition to my collection. Even for some who doesn’t already have other beer steins, these would be perfect for the first time collector as well.

House Lannister, House Targaryen and House Baratheon Beautifully Displayed

Toast Your Favorite House

Well, if your favorite house is either Lannister, Targaryen, Stark or Baratheon. Because those are the three houses these beautifully ornamented beer steins come in (see photos above). I’ll discuss the Lannister cup here, but if you prefer one of the other houses the quality and craftsmanship will be the same, just the details will be a little different.

Gorgeous Craftmanship

The 22 ounce beer steins come with a lid made of pewter that is a replica of the crown for House Baratheon (since they sit the iron throne). It is made from pewter Each stein is embossed with its sigil, in the case of Lannister it is of a lion, with their house words (motto) emlazened on the cup: “Hear Me Roar” for the Lannister beer stein.

This is well made craftsmanship. The first thing you’ll noticed when you heft it to your lips (or simply remove it from the box) is how heavy it is. This is not a chintzy piece of glassware. It’s made to drink mead, ale, beer … or to adorn your shelf as beautiful display piece (let’s be honest, that’s most likely where it will end up).

But those who do choose to use it as a drinking vessel, will be happy to learn that unlike a glass mug, it keeps the beverage cool for a longer period of time. No more guzzling ale like you’re The Hound waiting for his chickens (sorry, it’s a reference to a scene from the HBO series). The stein feels very authentic, and any true fan of the novels or series, will enjoy one (or all three). Plus, for collectors they make a great addition to any Game of Thrones collector.


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