Game of Thrones Gifts for Dad

Perfect for Father’s Day, dad’s birthday, or for husbands and boyfriends everywhere this holiday.

Looking for the perfect gift for the perfect man in your life (and for the not so perfect), then we have some great Game of Thrones gift ideas for you. Whether it’s some gifts for dad, or gifts for your husband, or gifts for your boyfriend, well, a present for any guy, then we have you covered. Is your dad a Stark fan? Or maybe your boyfriend secretly admires the Lannisters? Or your son’s first crush was on Daenerys Targaryen? Don’t despair this Chirstmas holiday, Father’s Day, his birthday or graduation, because when you peruse our page of terrific Game of Thrones gifts, games and goodies you’ll find something that is just perfect for the him. Oh, and the first one’s easy — the complete series on Blu-ray.




Gifts to Wear

I Drink and I Know Things T- Shirts

Tyrion Lannister may not be mighty in size, but he sure is mighty in quips. One of our favorite characters for his whimsical quotes, this is one of his best: “That’s What I Do. I Drink and I Know Things”. The t-shirt is a cotton blend, that has been pre-shrunk (it’s even unisex, so you can get one for the lady of the house too). Fresh Tees branded sweatshirts are designed and printed in the US using screen printing technology, available in sizes going up to 3X-Large.

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Game of Thrones Stark Men’s Crew Socks 2 Pair Pack Shoe Size 6-12

Let’s face it, you’re going to give him socks, right? Might as well make them officially licensed Stark socks. These fit shoe sizes 6-12 mens.

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If you’re looking for other Game of Thrones House sock ideas, here are a few links:

Game Of Thrones Targaryen Sigil Multi-colored Men’s Woven 2.5″ Skinny Tie

What man doesn’t like ties, right? It goes right up there with socks. Well, you’re going to buy dad a tie, and he’s going to wear it, because you bought it for him. So buy him a Game of Thrones tie and let him show off his allegiance to his favorite house. We have the Targaryen tie listed, but rest assured, there are others available. Lots of colors to choose from.

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If you’re looking for other Game of Thrones House tie gift ideas, here are a couple more links:

Game of Thrones Tie Clip & Cufflinks

What goes great with a tie and dress shirt, why a gift of a tie clip and cufflinks of course. And here we have a set of Stark ones, with the Stark vigil displayed. These cufflinks and tie clip feature a high quality dire wolf image underneath glass. The glass enhances the image by magnifying it and giving it a terrific shine.

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Westeros Map Men’s Wallet

Every man needs a wallet, right? And what better way to celebrate his love for Game of Thrones than with a wallet engraved with a his favorite house sigil?  Whether it’s Lannister, Targaryen, or Stark. The bi-fold wallet will fit all credit cards and has a lifetime warranty.

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Game of Thrones Men’s Targaryen Beanie

Because winter is coming, and when it does, he’ll need a way to keep his noggin warm while showing is love for his favorite show (or books). This beanie features Targaryen sigil.

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T-Shirt: Father of Dragons

Every dad can identify with the this -T-shirt. Every. Single. One. This fun T-shirt, is a play on the “Mother of Dragons” moniker given to Daenerys. Don’t like the color pictured, not to worry, it comes in multiple colors and sizes.  It is 100% cotton and preshrunk to ensure a perfect fit after the first wash.

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Gold Branch Crown

A crown just for him (well, she could wear it too; it is one-size fits all for adults). The crown, is made of metal and is about 7 inches in diameter, with a height that reaches about 4 3/4 inches. The crown is the perfect topper for any Game of Thrones costume, especially when he wants to be King of his house.

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Gifts for Game Night

Game of Thrones Risk Board Game

Game of Thrones Risk is that perfect combination of the gift for the person who loves board games and loves Game of Thrones. And if they are anything like me, they grew up playing Risk and it brings back so many found memories. And this is more than just Risk, it’s actually 3 games in 1. Read my product review or purchase here.

Game of Thrones Collector’s Chess Set

This collectible chess set is stunning, based on the characters from HBO’s hit series (and George R.R. Martin’s books). It’s Westeros vs. The White Walkers.  Play the board game with Jon Snow as your king, and Daenerys Targaryen as your queen, with other characters such as Tyrion Lannister as a bishop and Brienne of Tarth as a knight, to name just a few. Purchase here.

Monopoly Game of Thrones Board Game

Here’s you chance to buy and sell the historic landmarks of Westeros in this official Monopoly game based on the hit HBO tv series. See latest price.

For more Game of Thrones board games than I can’t list here, please visit this page to see if your favorite is there.

Gifts for Work

Game of Thrones Business Card Holder

Let everybody in your office know who aira on the Iron Throne, with this whimsical business card holder.  It sits at 4.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide.  And looks really cool. More Info or Purchase.

Game of Thrones Winterfell Desktop Sculpture

It’s not lifesize, but it is lifelike. This desktop sculpture of Winterfell is a great piece to set atop a credenza in the office. It is cast from heavyweight holystone and captures Winterfell in a stunning detail. Product description from the website: The ancestral home of House Stark. Located in the North of Westeros on the Kings road, Winterfell is a large castle complex with formidable fortifications and its own Gods wood. According to legend, House Stark held Winterfell for over 8,000 years, before House Bolton usurped them and took up residence in the aftermath of ‘the Red Wedding’. The Winterfell seen on-screen in HBO’s Game Of Thrones is an amalgam of several real-world locations and cgi artistry, seamlessly blended to create one of the series’ most enduring locations and what appears to be a very real castle. To create a desktop version of this fan-favorite bastion, our designers spent over 1000 hours tirelessly researching every frame of the show in which Winterfell is seen, photographs of the real world locations were also scrutinized and concept drawings and architectural plans were created to help bring it to life. Winterfell is a numbered limited edition of 1,500 pieces and includes a presentation box and certificate of authenticity. More Info or Purchase.

Walter White Sits on the Iron Throne Mousepad

Let’s be honest. If Breaking Bad’s Walter White were in the 7 Kingdoms, he’d be sitting on the iron throne by now. This fun mousepad brings both Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones together as it depicts Walter White leading the Seven Kingdoms as he sits upon the Iron Throne. This makes a great gift to anyone who loves both shows (and we’re willing to bet, anyone who has watched both shows, loves them). More Info or Purchase.

Gifts for the Cook / Kitchen

Game of Thrones Grill Apron

This limited edition apron is a must have for all Game of Thrones fans who also love to cook or grill. The apron is fun and let’s face it, pretty darn stylish too. One size fits all and it comes in black — better to hide the kitchen mishaps. (and for you none GOT fans, this is a play on words for “Winter is Coming” which is from the show / novels.)  Read my product review or purchase here.

I Drink And I Know Things Beer Glass With Complimentary Shot Glass

Nothing like having a beer and chasing it down with a shot after indulging in your favorite fantasy television show, or better yet, while sitting in your comfy chair while reading the enduring tale of winter and dragons. See latest price.

Liquor is Coming – Bottle Opener

A play on the “Winter is Coming” Stark House words, this bottle opener is the perfect way to make sure your guests have an easy way to open their bottles of ale  (or whatever libations you are serving). The bottle opener is made from professional grade stainless steel. More Info or Purchase.

Dinner is Coming Engraved Wooden Cutting Board

We all need a cutting board when we cook. And what better way to show your love for you favorite TV show and book series, than with the Game of Thrones Dinner is Coming Wood Cutting Board. It comes with a choice of Walnut or Maple and can be ordered in 3 sizes 8″x12″x.75″ or 10″x14″x.75″ or 12″x16″x1.5″. It can even be personalized with a custom name engraving. The cutting board is safe for food and can be used for years to come. More Info or Purchase.

Game Of Thrones Inspired Whiskey Glass

Do you have a whiskey connoisseur in your family who also just happens to love Game of Thrones?  Well, then here is a wonderful gift they will enjoy every time they are take a belt of their favorite scotch or bourbon blend. See latest price.

Game of Scones: All Men Must Dine: A Parody

As every Game of Thrones aficionado knows, all men must dine. Game of Scones is filled with such unforgettable delights as Tyrion’s Shortbread, Joffrey’s Jaffas, Bran Muffins (Hodor!) and Oberyn’s Smashing Head Surprise, and lavishly illustrated with color photos and step-by-step instructions throughout. This is the ultimate cookbook and gift for Game of Thrones fans and every adventurous baker. More Info or Purchase.

Game of Thrones Whiskey Decanter

Show your pride in your favorite house with one of these whiskey decanters. This beautifully made decanter is crafted with care of the finest material and made with exceptional workmanship. It exudes luxury and style.  See latest price.

House Stark Mug

This wooden Stark mug makes a really great gift for the special man in your life. The mug is made of natural oak wood on the outside, with a stainless steel insert inside. It holds 22 ounces of his favorite ale (well, any liquid).The beer mug is perfect for everyday use. More Info or Purchase.

Gifts For His Shelf

The Night King Figure Action Figure

For the collector, or the person who just likes really cool looking pieces on his shelf, the Night King Action looks terrific. This incredibly detailed figurine stands 6 inches tall. More Info or Purchase.

Leather-Cloth Box Book Set

These leather-cloth bound books are as elegant as they are beautiful and make the perfect gift for the ultimate Game of Thrones fan who has read through his or her copies of A Song of Ice & Fire multiple times.  Read my product review or Purchase here.

Gifts for the Fan

Game of Thrones: Complete Series (Blu-ray + Digital Copy)

This is one of those no brainer gift ideas for him – the complete set of DVDs on Blu Ray.  He can binge watch his favorite show anytime he likes, and you don’t need to keep that HBO subscription to do it. Also comes in standard DVD and 4K, click link to see latest prices.

A Guide to Westeros and Beyond

Game of Thrones: A Guide to Westeros and Beyond, The Complete Series is a visual exploration of the world of HBO’s Game of Thrones®.

In two parts, the book follows the story of the South, where kings and queens battle for the Iron Throne, and of the North, where the White Walkers and their army of the dead gather. See latest price.

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